Travel to US in hassle-free mind

Posted by Bustrails | On: May 13 2012


Traveling to United States is no longer a hassle thing in the future – less tedious when comes to applying for visas.

When US was being among the top destination for Malaysia, most of the travel official in the industry as well as frequent visitors welcomed the move to improve the application for visas – make it hassle-free mind.

With the support from US Administration, they’d announced a pilot programme to simplify and speed up the non-imigrant visa process for certain group of peoples such as “very low-risk applicant” seeking for visas renewing. Interview conducted with this group is suggested to be waived.

US President has ordered the departments of State and Homeland Security to expand their Visa Waiver Programme, which allowed tourists and businessmen to stay 90 days or less without needing a visa.

By looking into past visa application from Malaysian last year, about 44,000 visas issued by US Embassy which the second highest in the region.

This ease of visa procedures will give locals more impetus to visit US more soon, said Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) president Datuk Mohd Khalid Harun.

“It is significant as travellers have to put up with other considerations such as aviation tax, airfare and currency strength,” he said. This moves also would boost trade and tourism for them.

“It makes things much easier when you help to facilitate travel. Simplifying procedures makes a lot of sense,” said by a frequent visitor to the United States.

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